We take pride in providing healthy and beautiful Pitbull puppies to Families, with that being said, we would like to share with you what some of our valued customers have been saying about their experience with us and our Pitbulls. We are truly grateful for their kind words.

We were lucky enough to bring home a beautiful puppy from Miles' pitbull Bliss, and she has quickly become the talk of the town. From the moment we brought her home, it was clear that she was something special. Her playful energy and gentle nature captured the hearts of everyone she met. She is the perfect addition to our family, bringing joy and laughter into our lives every day. Not only is she incredibly smart and eager to learn, but she also has the most adorable and expressive puppy eyes that melt your heart. Everywhere we go, people can't help but stop and ask about her. She has truly become a beloved member of our community, and we feel incredibly blessed to have her in our lives.

-Wallace and Jessica Stones


Thank you Miles' pitbull Bliss, Everywhere we go, people can't help but stop and ask about Lily. She has truly become a beloved member of our community, and we feel incredibly blessed to have her in our lives.

-Vintson and Britney


Thank you, Miles Pitbull Bliss, for selecting us to be Jack's new family. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity. Jack has proven to be an exceptionally intelligent and healthy dog, just as you had described. We are delighted to have him in our lives and are looking forward to creating unforgettable memories together. Your trust in us means a lot, and we promise to provide Jack with all the love, care, and attention he deserves. We will ensure that he continues to thrive and be a happy member of our family. Once again, we sincerely thank you for choosing us as Jack's new forever home.

-Randal David


I highly recommend getting a puppy from Mile Pitbull Family. The process was incredibly fast and efficient. I recently got my puppy, Mailo, and I couldn't be happier. The entire experience was smooth and convenient. From the moment I contacted Mile Pitbull Family, they were responsive and provided all the necessary information. They made the adoption process seamless and hassle-free. Within a short period, the adorable Mailo was delivered right to our doorstep. The delivery was successful, and the puppy arrived safe and sound. I am extremely grateful to Mile Pitbull Family for their professionalism and dedication to finding loving homes for their puppies. If you are looking for a new furry friend, I highly recommend reaching out to Mile Pitbull Family.

-Jordan Grant


Miles Pitbull Bliss stands out as the premier breeder for families in the United States. With utmost dedication, they ensure that all their puppies are exceptional, possessing high intelligence and impeccable training. Each puppy that leaves their care is guaranteed to be up to date on all necessary shots, giving new pet owners peace of mind. Miles Pitbull Bliss prides themselves on their commitment to producing top-quality and healthy Pitbulls that are not only beautiful but also well-socialized. Their expertise in breeding and nurturing these remarkable dogs sets them apart as a trusted and reputable source. If you are seeking a loyal and intelligent companion, look no further than Miles Pitbull Bliss for the perfect addition to your family.

-Aaron Jason


I am delighted to share my experience of acquiring three pitbull dogs from Miles Pitbull home. When I first visited the shelter, I was immediately impressed by the loving care and dedication provided to all the dogs. The staff members were knowledgeable and ensured that the dogs were well-socialized and healthy. After spending time with my three chosen pitbulls and seeing their playful and affectionate nature, I knew they were perfect for my family. It has been incredible to witness their growth and development over time. I am grateful to Miles Pitbull home for their excellent breeding practices, as my dogs have never encountered any genetic problems. Their good health is a testament to the responsible breeding and care they received before coming into our lives.

-Cheryl Flint